Team Members

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Ryan Brooks

Ryan, known as "Brooks", is the college minister and leader of the Loft. This is his 16th trip leading the Loft and 3rd international trip. He has the privilege of challenging college students to go on mission daily and be exposed to trips like these to see a lost world

Charlie Hammond

This is Charlie's second Loft mission trip and fourth international mission trip. Charlie loves travel and sharing Christ through experiencing different cultures. Charlie first felt a call to international missions on her first trip to China with Visiting Orphans. Charlie is a Health and Wellness major and hopes to do medical missions as a midwife upon completion of PA school.

Victoria Harrison

This is Victoria's fourth mission trip with the Loft and third international mission trip! Victoria first felt the call to international missions on a trip to an orphanage in Brazil in 2011. She has a huge heart for unreached women and children, a love for medicine and hopes to one day be a nurse and midwife on the mission field after the completion of nursing school.

Kevin Donahoo

This is Kevin's 7th trip with the Loft! He has developed a passion for missions and has recently felt a call to Sports Ministry. He enjoys using sports to build relationships in order to share Christ with others. He is most looking forward to working with children in Spain. 

Rachael Cooper

This is Rachael's very first mission trip! It has been her desire to serve Jesus by going out and sharing His love to others. God has opened a door to travel with the Loft to Madrid, Spain to do just that. Because Rachael has a passion for serving others and absolutely adores children, she hopes to become a teacher.

Paola Martinez

This is Paola Martinez's fourth trip with the Loft. Since she was very young, she has had a passion for missions that's led her to serve in many different places. Now she has a growing interest in the people groups of the Middle East and wishes to use her skills in leadership, business, language and communications to serve God wherever He sends her.

Trey Stoudemayer

Trey is a Junior Spanish major at North Greenville University. He feels called to full time missions and hopes to join the Journeyman program through the IMB after graduation.

Yilyanny Paiz

This is Yilyanny's second trip with the Loft and first time traveling internationally. Her passion is to serve Jesus with the talents with which she has been blessed. This trip has been a blessing to Yilyanny and she cannot wait to share the gospel in both English and Spanish!

Sierra Justice

This is Sierra's first mission trip with the Loft and third international trip. She has a heart for young women and human rights. She currently attends North Greenville University and is an Interdisciplinary major.

Jim Godwin

Jim is a full time server at Oriental House and loves longboarding! He has always wanted to visit Spain and is so excited that he will be able to do that and serve God at the same time!
This is Ashley's third mission trip. She loves muslim people and the spanish language. She is excited to use this trip to glorify Jesus and allow his light to shine through her into the darkness. 

Katie Baker

This is Katie's second short-term mission trip over seas and her first trip with the Loft. She has a passion for Muslim people groups and and is looking forward to witnessing in Spain and creating relationships so that the gospel may be shared. 

Emily Kyle

This is Emily's third mission trip and second to a Spanish community. She is a biology major at North Greenville University and has a passion for reaching people for God's glory. She cannot wait to see what God has in store for this trip.

Brianna Cornish

This is Brianna's 13th mission trip. She loves travel and is excited for the upcoming trip to Spain.

Gaby Fanelli

Gaby is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and is a sophomore Broadcast Media major with aspirations of becoming a news anchor. People and writing are her passion. God is the reason for her coming on this journey.